Monday, November 10, 2008

Take the Right Amount of Pride in Your Work

It is important to take pride in all aspects of daily life. We must take pride in the way we look, the way we act, and anything we do to maintain a positive self image. Dressing up for work will not only increases your chances of excelling in the workplace, but gives you a personal feeling of higher self worth. Take pride in who you are, maintain good posture, speak with confidence, and be assertive. Correct a crooked parking job, even if it takes a couple tries. When writing an email, take the time to address the person by name, write in complete sentences, and proofread. The small amount of time it takes to do quality work, will help to avoid miscommunication, and problems later on.

We must also be careful to monitor the time and effort spent towards each task. There is a big difference between politely taking 2-3 minutes proof reading an email, and foolishly spending only 2-3 minutes proof reading a resume. Don't over exert energy into insignificant tasks, and take the time for those tasks that deserve quality. Also, taking extra time to look your best at work can be counterproductive, if it causes you to be late. Managing quality and efficeny are essential skills to maximize your qualtiy of life.

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