Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Say Hello

Take the time to say to hello to all the acquaintances you see on a regular basis. Whether it is the mailman, the familiar checker at the grocery store, or the person down the hall at work that you never met. By acknowledging their presence, you are showing a form of undelying respect. This may seem insignificant in the scope of life, but you would be surprised how often it will come back to help you. The mailman might unknowingly take better care handling the fragile antique clock your grandmother sent you. The grocery checker may be more likely to run after you, when you forget a bag of groceries at the check stand. The person down the hall at work could be on the review panel deciding the fate of your promotion. All of these things help to ensure your days are pleasant. If random acts of kindness like saying hi can make just one day better, isn't it worth it?

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