Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check for Unclaimed Property

If you are owed money, a business is obligated to send it to you. If you have recently moved, or have an incorrect address on file, the business must file it with your state as unclaimed property. You are probably thinking so what? What are the odds of that happening to me? That is what I thought, but decided to check with my state anyway. It turns out that I over paid an old medical bill, and the hospital sent me a check for $90.00. I had to verify my identity, and the check took a couple of months to arrive, but I got paid.

How Do I check?
Since it varies from state to state here is a pretty good link that I found: NAUPA. Basically all the states are going to ask for your first and last name to search. I've seen some people’s names with thousands of dollars by it. It can't hurt to check. If you are owed money, great. If not, well you only spent a few minutes checking.

There is Money Owed to Me!
If you are owed money, the next step is to contact the business. The search engine will usually provide some contact info for the business. In my case I was faxed a form, and had to fill out some information like my previous addresses. After the business verified that it was me, they sent me a check to my new address.

Please comment if you have received unclaimed property, or if you found money owed to you because of this article.

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