Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have a Top Secret Ninja Backup Plan

As we all know, things don't always go as planned. Suppose your favorite band is in town. You and your friends decide last minute to drive 45 minutes across town to try to buy tickets at the door. Knowing that it could be sold out, you might want to have a backup destination planned, instead of standing in front of the closed venue asking "what now?"

Anytime there could be resistance in performing an action, ask yourself what if? Your car is in the shop, and the repair should be done in time to catch your flight on Saturday. Even though you are expecting to have the car back, what are you going to do if its not ready? If the part doesn't arrive in time, how are you going to get to the Airport? You might want to consider asking a friend to be on standby, or look into possible bus routes.

Simple steps like putting extra cash in you wallet for "cash only transactions," or keeping a spare key outside your house are great backup up plans. Always have a backup plan, you never know when you'll need it.

  • Even if the odds are unlikely, ask yourself what if?
  • It is better to have a plan, and not use it; than to not have a plan, and need it.
  • Nobody has to know that you have a backup plan, but they will sure appreciate it when you do.
  • Murphy's Law: If it can go wrong, it will.
  • Having a backup plan allows you to reach your goals, despite small obstacles.

A backup plan can be as small as hearing your boss asking people to come in on Saturday, and thinking up an excuse, in case he asks you. It can also be as elaborate as secretly applying for another job with the competitor, when there is talk of layoffs. Either way, having a plan is always better, then not having a plan.

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