Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Always, Always, Always Review Your Work

I can't stress how important it is to review, and re-review your work. I am the first to admit, this has always been a big problem for me. The satisfaction of completing a task detours me from taking the extra time to really review my work. Unfortunately the little things are what stand out. No matter how brilliant your dissertation, the findings will be ridiculed with a typo in the title. Make a conscious decision to review your work more, from now on.

  • Walk away and come back - After repetitively looking at something, it may look correct, but if you leave and come back later, you may see things differently.

  • Second pair of eyes - Aquire help from someone else. A fresh pair of eyes will instantly lock-on to mistakes.

  • Check Functionality - Whenever possible, run tests before the submitting the final. Click the attachment on an email before you send it. Is the right file attached?

  • Cut n' Paste for spell/grammar check - When working in a programs that can't spell check, take the extra step to cut and paste text into Word. You may think you can spell, but more than likely you can't.
  • Check the Math - If you submit numerical data, make sure it is a true statement 1+1 =2
In today’s busy times, people always want things yesterday, and by triple checking your work, you can avoid many heart aches later. I am doing my best to proof read this article, but I am sure people will point out the things I missed. At least I’m trying.

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