Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Avoid Making Enemies

Whether it's at work, noisy neighbors, sibling rivalry, or complete strangers, don't make enemies unnecessarily over small potatoes. The world is full of people that you won't get along with, so choose your battles wisely. Try to be the bigger person, and let it go. Although, there are also times when you must unleash the wrath of fury to put fear in the eyes of those against you, but that is far and few (I'm a Scorpio). It is usually the small petty stuff that gets people angry.

Tips on keeping your cool to avoiding confrontation:

  • Clarify Communications - Many arguments, are due solely to a miscommunication. Cursing out a co-worker, for your mistake, is never good.

  • Let them be wrong- When someone strongly disagrees with you, there is usually nothing more that can be said to change their mind. So don't waste time arguing. Just understand that they are wrong, and if necessary establish a compromise to move on.

  • Show respect - Even in a heated argument there is no reason to sink to the low level of name calling or yelling. Show some class and be respectful.

  • Don't throw fuel on the fire - If you know something is a sensitive subject don't bring it up.

  • Be inclusive - Don't use terms like your problem, and your mistake. Try being inclusive by saying our problem, and the mistake.

  • Acknowledge the opposing view - Show that you understand their view, but respectfully disagree.

  • Walk away - When an argument becomes to heated, make an effort to politely remove yourself from the confrontation. It can always be discussed at another time.

  • Don't fight other peoples battles - If a confrontation is going on that does not involve you, keep it that way.

  • Don't raise your voice -Maintain an icy calm at all times.

  • Give others their space - Don't encroach on someones space to emphasize your point, they can hear you just fine.

  • Don't talk smack - Don't talk about people behind their back, you never know who is listening.

  • Golden rule - Don't do thing to others, that you wouldn't want them to do to you.

  • Forgive - Do hold grudges against people who seek forgiveness.

Making enemies is no way to go through life. You never know when one will come back to haunt you. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but most of the time it is up to you.

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