Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Glass is Always Half Full

There are two types of people in the world: Those who see the glass half full, and those that see it half empty.

By acknowledging the glass as half full, life becomes meaningful. Happiness, prosperity, and all the benefits that life has to offer will appear before you. Doors that you thought were tightly sealed shut, will magically and effortlessly open for you.

How Do I See the Glass as Half full
Seeing the glass as half full is as simple as understanding that there are others in the world who would give anything to be in your current situation, which you deem as unfortunate. You hate your job, and are forced to work long hours, for little pay. It can't get any worst right? Wrong! The man you pass on the way to work, who is huddled under the dirty blanket, laying on the sidewalk, begging for change would give anything to have your life. He doesn't get time off, has no job, and scrounges to eat. Can't get any worst right? Wrong! In third world countries some people are plague with disease, forced watch their friends/family starve to death, hiding from rival warlords wielding machetes. They would give anything to be homeless in the U.S. It is all relative. I don't tell you this to dampen you spirits, only to show that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who has it worse. By understanding that, you will realize how good you have it and the glass will become half full.

Everyone Else Says It's Half Empty
There will always be people trying to tell you the glass is half empty. Never listen to them; you are in control of your own life. If they want to live there life in despair, let them. Just don't get sucked into how they think. As corny as it sounds, you can do anything in life, as mentioned in Start Living Life Again. By listening to others you will only become stagnant.

Who Cares About the Glass
It is important to try to see the positive side of life. It is true that there will be good times, and bad times, but your attitude will determine the overall theme. If you constantly focus on the negatives, than that is all you will see. If you focus on the positives than you will notice all the good things that happen and you will shrug off the bad. By living a positive life you will be happier, healthier, and good things will happen. From this point forward, try to always see the positive and see what happens.


Caleb @ Blueprint Economics said...

you never get the parking space that you don't go after.

Dan Malone said...

Yep,that's why you got to put orange construction cones down ahead of time.