Thursday, November 6, 2008

Start Living Life Again

Life begins with the start of each new day. We can shape each day into anything that our hearts desire. Take a moment to really understand this concept. At this very moment, I could quit my job, sell everything I own, move to Tibet to become a monk. I could: learn to play the guitar, buy a motorcycle, start a book club, volunteer to help others, take karate classes, organize the garage, become a crab fisherman, start a blog, open a restaurant, or back pack across the country. I can literally do anything that makes me happy, and so can you. We unconsciously tell ourselves that we’re trapped in life, because of our own self implemented limitations. In reality, the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

Leaving your current career path as a doctor, to become a juggling street performer may have some unanticipated hardships, but if that is what you want, go for it. We must live with all the choices we make in life, but that is no excuse to remain stagnant in unhappiness. Take the initiative to make your life better, try learning about things like the stock market. When the economy recovers, it could catapult you into a new tax bracket. How you decide to shape each day, is truly up to you. So go out today, take life by the horns, and start living. If choose you remain stagnant and unhappy in life, quit complaining, because it is your own fault.

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