Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Desk Supplies

Besides office supplies, there are many free items that you can stock at your desk that will make life easier. On the rare occasion when I eat fast food, I like to grab extra napkins, salt/pepper packets, and plastic forks to keep in my desk. I frugally bring my lunch every day, and it's nice to have these things on hand for spills, or when I forget silverware from home. Sometimes I grab a roll of toilet paper from the restroom to keep at my desk, to act as my box of Kleenex for a runny noise. If I go to my dentist on my lunch hour, I'll keep the free tooth brush, and some tooth paste in my desk for those days when I have extra garlic pizza, and an afternoon meeting. When going out to dinner, I grab a hand full of toothpicks to keep at my desk as well. I even keep a small loose change jar at my desk, and for the vending machine, so I don't break a dollar.

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