Sunday, November 16, 2008

Go Verticle with Storage

Keeping your home organized and clean, will eliminated a form of subconscious stress. It is important to think outside the box to maximize spacial organization. I built a loft to take advantage of the vertical space in our garage. All of the old boxes of junk sitting on the floor can now be stored up there, and for the first time we can actually park our car in the garage. My wife also complained about all my tools laying out everywhere, so I ran peg board to the ceiling and constructed a rolling library ladder to get the hard to reach tools. Now I just have to put all my tools on the pegboard.

The Loft
The loft was a lot like framing out a sub floor. 2 x 8s were fastened to the wall studs with large hex lag bolts around the perimeter of the space. 2 more 2 x 8s where feathered to span the garage and bolted together to act as one large header. Using joist hangers, 2 x 4s where attached for support every 16 inches on center. Additional center support was created by fastening a 2 x 4 to the ceiling, and running 2 x 4's down to tie in to the header. Finally plywood was cut to fit and screwed to the frame. The whole thing cost about $150.00 to make.

The Library ladder
The library ladder slide was made from fastening three 3/4 inch pipes perpendicularly to the wall studs with face plates. Next holes were drilled in an oversize metal chain link fence post to match up with the three 3/4 inch pipes. I hammered a 2 x 2 inside the fence post, so it was no longer hollow. The wood was drilled out through the holes in the fence post, and mounted to the three 3/4 inch pipes with screws. The ladder it self was constructed out of 2 12ft 2 x 4s with steps channeled out. The steps were made out of slightly beveled 2 x 6's. every thing was screwed and glue together. A base plate was attached and industrial non-turning casters were bolted on. Cost about $55.00.

The Peg board
Peg board comes in 4 x 8 sheets, and easily fastens to the wall with a 2 x 4 spacers bolted to the wall studs just like the loft construction. Next I put some decorative trim around the peg board to clean up the edges. Total cost about $75.00.

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