Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Take A Day Off

If you rarely comes to work in the first place, please disregard this article:
If you are like me, you are a reliable person and always show up for work regardless of rain, snow, earthquake, or act of God. You probably believe that your job is so important, that the whole world would come crashing down if you couldn't make it to work. Shouldering this responsibility in unfair and unnecessary. Granted, it is important to take your job seriously and always give it 110% of you efforts, but you can't hold yourself responsible for the well being of the company. The next statement took me a long time to truly understand, so read it carefully:

"If you were to get hit by a bus, your work place would get by without you."

This means that no matter how important you think you job is, I assure its not. In your absence the world will continue to turn and people will go on living. Time and time again I have internally burdened myself with the responsibilities of my work place. At the end of the day I would go home unable to sleep because I was worried that a report wouldn't get done in time. I would regularly skip lunch and stay late to finish my work. This is ridiculous! If you do your best, that is all you can do. Anything outside of your control is outside of your control, so don't stress about it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a day off. If you are regularly struggling with your work load, talk with your boss about reassigning you job duties or find a new job. There is no reason to torture yourself day in and day out.

Take a day off once in a while and play with your kids, spend time with your wife, or just take a day for yourself. Your life should not revolve around work. If it does, you are not living. If you can't afford to take a day off, you are living outside of your means and that is another problem entirely.

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