Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drive in the Snow Without Crashing

Today in Seattle we are receiving an abnormal amount of snow. We can barely drive in the heavy amount of rain we get, so when it snows — look out!

I took this picture outside my office window this morning. Even with chains, this sectional bus jack-knifed into a street light. Below is my best attempt to help all you courageous travelers from causing more accidents:

1. Drive Slow - You would think that this is plain common sense, but most people still travel much faster than they should.

2. Snow Tires/ 4 Wheel Drive - You may think your vehicle is invincible because it has snow tires or 4 wheel drive, I promise you it is not.

3. Hills - If you are about to go down a hill, and see others cars sliding sideways in front of you, it might not be the best route to continue.

4. Turn Into a Slide - If your vehicle starts to loose traction around a turn, make sure that you turn into the slide to regain traction.

5. Don't slam on the brakes - If you are trying to stop and your wheels lock up, lightly let off the brake until the wheels catch again.

After watching all the Cars, one after another, slide down the hill and crash outside my office window, I can only imagine how many millions of dollars in body damage this one day of snow will bring.

What are some tips that you have? Did you already crash today? Feel free to comment on this post.

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