Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Business Cards

Vistaprint.com is a good place to get business cards for cheap. They are advertised as free, but you still have to pay for shipping. I have used their services before, and had a very positive experience.

Draw Backs:
  • They only have a small selection of free templates.
  • The back of the cards have a small disclaimer that says printed at vista print .com.
  • The Text fields have predetermined fonts, color, and size.
  • The formatting is predetermined.


  • Endless amount of upgrades, for a nominal cost. I usually pay extra for glossy and no disclaimer on the back.
  • Pretty good quality.
  • All kinds of other promotional stuff: hats, window decals, fridge magnets.

I recommend Vistaprint.com but be careful, your free order can get expensive quick.

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Randy said...

Vista Print provides free stuff... It is right site for purchasing best business cards...