Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hanging Christmas Lights

There is something about celebrating the holidays that makes people feel good about themselves. At the same time the is nothing more frustrating than running into problems when decorating. Below are some tips to hanging Christmas lights:

  • Plan out where you are going to hang the lights, and walk the perimeter to see how many feet of lights you will need. If possible start from your porch light and use a socket/outlet adapter so the lights can be controlled from inside.
  • Hooks, go around with a ladder and screw in descent sized hooks inside the roof eve every 2-3 ft. These hooks can be left in year around for next time.
  • Untangle the lights before testing them. Excessive movement can jar the bulbs breaking the filament
  • Plug In the lights before you hang the strand to make sure all the bulbs work.
  • Poles or broom handles with two pencils duct taped to the end, can make it much easier to reach the hooks, depending on the height of you roof line. Remember to start at the power source and work backwards. It is much easier to add strands, then to not reach the plug.
  • Taunt Strands will look a lot cleaner than sagging wires draped over the hooks.
Good luck, be creative, and always try to out do your neighbors. Just kidding have fun and happy Holidays.

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