Monday, December 22, 2008

Stubborn Jar Lids

We all know how frustrating it can be to open a jar that seem to be super glued shut. Last night we were at a friends house for dinner and came across one such monster. We all tried to open it with Brut strength but were unsuccessful. Everyone has their tricks on how to open the stubborn jar, a few common ones are listed below.

1. Smack the Lid
- I usually smack the top of the jar to break the seal and use some elbow grease to get them open.

2. Hot Water
- I have heard of people running the jar under hot water to heat up the rubber gaskets hoping it will expand or contract.

3. Let in Some Air
- Many people try to pry at the lid with a bottle opener or butter knife just enough to let in a little air. I have seen it work well. I don't do it, because I am afraid of breaking the glass.

4. Mechanical device
- There are hundreds of gizmo's and gadget the claim the be best jar openers. I have never seen one that works well.

5. A Towel or Mouse pad
- This is another of my favorites, but only certain textures can grip the lid. Terry cloth is not one of them. Drawer traction mats also work great.

6. Use a Rubber Band
- The owner of the house is a pharmacist and taught us all a trick he uses to open up prescriptions. By placing a thick rubber band around the circumference of the lid, the jar opened it with a little determination.

I thought the rubber band was a very clever trick and convenient since most people have a rubber band lying around the kitchen somewhere. What are some other trick you know to open jars?

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