Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun with Safeway / Von Club cards

Have you ever wanted to be as a secret agent living under a false identity or code name. Now you can. There are many companies like Safeway/Vons that request your personal information for club card incentive programs. They do this to for demographical information to be used for marketing research. The information is just compiled in a database somewhere and doesn't really amount to anything. When you fill out the application you can put down what ever you like with little to no repercussions. Many years ago I filled out an club card application for Safeway as James bond, so every time I shop there they say "Thank you Mr. Bond." You probably get away with almost anything, I bet. All the tellers just laugh, or seriously think James Bond is my name. I try to keep a straight face during check out. It just making my shopping experience that much more fun. I considered posting my club card number in this article so everyone could be "James Bond". I would get the reward points, but I feel awkward posting my current phone number and it might come back to bite me. So go out, try it, and comment.

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