Sunday, December 14, 2008

DIY: Memorable and Cost Efficent Weddings

My wife and I got married a year and a half ago. We attended 9 weddings for our friends and family in the few years before our own. After experiencing many different flavors of weddings, we decided to have a memorable wedding, but didn't want to start our lives together in severe debt. Some of the weddings with the smallest budgets were the most fun. Weddings are special days for everyone, but the actual day passes very quickly considering all the preparation. Here are some tips that we recommend to have a memorable and cost efficient wedding:

1. Student or Friend Photographer- Photographers are not cheap get some one you trust to take the pictures for you. If a college in the area ofters an advanced photography class you might want to contact the teacher to try recruiting a student. Also, Try putting disposable cameras on the tables for your guest to take picture and leave on the table. Some of our favorite pictures were candid pics taken by our guests.

2. Ipod DJ- Most people have an ipod, or are capable of making a play list. there is no need to hire a cheese wedding DJ who can't even pronounce your names right.

3. Only supply Beer and Wine - cocktails can skyrocket a bill quickly, especially if your friends drink like ours. If you want a full bar, allow cocktails to be purchased in addition to the complimentary beer and wine.

4. Have a family member or friend become an ordained minister - It is surprisingly easy to become an ordained minister online. It is also more sentimental if it is someone you know can preform the ceremony.

5. Assortment of Cheese Cakes - Instead of spending tons of money on a wedding cake. We had a variety of exquisite cheese cakes and pies. Everyone can pick what kind they want.

6. Location - An outdoor park, beach or at a friend house is a way to save money.

Our friends still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding, and how the casual atmosphere really allowed everyone to have a good time. What other tips would you recommend? do you have similar stories to share? Feel free to post your comments below.

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