Saturday, February 28, 2009

Used Coupon Codes Whenever Buying Online

With powerful search engines like Google, it's easier than ever to find promo/discount codes to use during checkout. Taking the extra 3 minutes to Google "name of store + coupon code" is definitely worth the time. Just the other day I bought some furniture from JC Penny's online. With tax an shipping they wanted $345 for a small cabinet. I saved on shipping by sending it to my local store for pickup, and after using the coupon code I found online, it only cost me only $216. There are tons of coupons codes and discount codes for almost every store out there. Remember to use the same terminology as the website. If Amazon says "Coupon code", and Bestbuy says "Discount code," use those when searching. There also some sites like CouponCabin, and Currentcodes that can help with your search. You don't need to pay retail prices any more.

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