Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't use Norton or Mcafee Anti-Virus

A major concern of home computer users is Internet security. Nobody wants a virus to slow down or crash their new laptop or PC. Exceptional marketing strategy has scared the general public into thinking that Norton and Mcafee are the only anti virus software options. In reality most computer experts don't use these programs. Norton and Mcafee are incredibly large programs that use a lot of computer resources. They slow down you computer and are very expensive to maintain.

I use a program called AVG. AVG is a free light weight program with all the necessary functions of a great anti virus software. It is highly recommended by the Editors CNET and automatically searches for new virus definitions once a day. Virus scans can be schedule at anytime, like when you are at work or while you are sleeping.

There are many complex ways to ensure Internet security, and a computer is never completely secure. For the average user the free edition of AVG is a good start, and a step in the right direction. Also using Fire Fox instead of Internet Explorer as your browser can add an additional level of security. I also recommend Spy Bot (Search and Destroy) . All of these programs are free and will give the average computer user a great foundation for Internet security.

Despite all of these wonderful programs, people get viruses by clicking to quickly on links without thinking. Many links are made to resemble the color schemes and fonts of the site you are visiting, but are in no way affiliated. So be careful, and don't worry, the ads on my site are Virus free, so feel free to click on them.

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