Sunday, March 1, 2009

Salvation Army and Good Will become Trendy

Yesterday, Good Morning America did a segment on the Good Will that glamorizes savings in second hand stores. Having shopped at the Good Will for years, I avidly support this effort. It's very difficult to compete with the prices offered at the Good Will. When I first moved to Washington, I purchased a long winter coat, that I still wear today, for about $16.00. My long daily commute on the train allows me to cycle through books quickly. Sometimes I will pick up a good Tom Clancy book there for about $0.50. It is my favorite place to shop for a Halloween Costumes. You can find all kinds of unique clothing and accessories for pennies on the dollar. They also have tools, electronics, furniture, a plethora of jackets for your kids to loose, and jeans for them to rip when they scrape their knees. Find your nearest second hand/thrift store, and start considering it for more of your day to day purchases. With today's economy, it's "In" this season.

What have you purchased at the Good Will?

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