Friday, February 13, 2009

Always Keep a Bag of Newspaper

Whether you're cheapskate, an artist, or want to save the planet, it's always good to have a bag of newspaper in the garage. After it serves its primary function, Newspaper has many other uses. When boxing up delicate or fragile commodities, it can serve as a layer of protection. It is essential when starting a fire in the fire place. It can be used to make Papier-mâché masks for your kid's art project. You could also make a paper pirate hat or a kite. Newspaper can be used like paper towels to soak up spills, and is actually better for cleaning your windows. A rolled up newspaper can be used to swat at flies, and can be used to bring a Halloween Frankenstein to life. Some people collect old newspapers from memorable days in time. I read that you can stuff newspaper in wet shoes to help them dry and maintain shape. I use newspaper for a drop cloth any time I am working with spray paint, but it can also be used to help ripen green tomatoes. It can be rolled up and made into a megaphone. Even my cat can appreciate a small crumpled ball of newspaper. She will bat the newspaper ball around the living room like a live mouse. Newspaper at the most should be recycled, but it you can get another use out of it first, than you are truly efficient. Try keeping a bag of old newspaper, you will be glad you did, and will be helping the environment.

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