Sunday, February 1, 2009

DIY Super Bowl Pool (Download)

It's Superbowl Sunday, and people everywhere are trying to predict the outcome of today's game. Although I am not the biggest sports fan, but I do enjoy watching the Super Bowl.... Especially if there is something at stake. My old roommate Pearse makes the best Football Pool Templates around. The nice thing about his templates is that you don't need to know anything about football to participate. Feel free to download this Super Bowl Pool Template, and I will explain how it works.

  1. The people at the party can put their initials randomly in a square at the cost of $1.00, per square. Every initial in a square is a chance to win.
  2. After all the squares are filled with peoples initials, the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 are randomly fill in on the dashes above and to the left of the grid. These number represent the last digit in the score at the end of each quarter.
  3. The total money received from the initials can be divided into a individual prize amounts for each quarter. Since there are a hundred squares you should have $100 dollars. The $100 could be distributed as follows: $15 for Quarters 1-3, and $55 for the final Score.
  4. Now begin watching the game. If at the end of the first quarter the score is 7 - 7, then the person with 7,7 square wins $15.00. If at the end of the 2nd quarter the score is 14-10, then the person with the 4,0 square wins $15.00. You get the idea!

If you are at a small party, and don't want to bet a lot of money, try making the squares only worth $0.25 a piece. Have fun and go Cardinals!

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