Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Installing Privacy Film

At home we have a nice big window in our master bathroom. Unfortunately, the blinds were always closed for privacy. We decided to install a privacy film to let in the light, and still obscure the view of onlookers. The privacy film can be picked up at any Home depot, or Lowe's for pretty cheap. It was surprisingly easy install, and here is how:

1. The window was cleaned with some Windex, to provide a good surface for the film to stick.

2. The film was cut to size, a inch larger than the actual glass pane on all sides.

3. The window was sprayed with a mixture of water and a few drops of dishwasher soap.

4. The paper backing was removed from the film.

5. The film was carefully applied to the glass starting at the top and working downward.

6. Once the film was in place, The air bubbles where squeegeed out starting from the center of the film and working toward the edges.

7. With all of the air bubbles gone, a razor blade was used a long the edge of the glass to make a perfect fit.

The privacy film, has definitely brightened up our bathroom, and can be easily removed if we ever decide to sell the house. If you have a similar problem, I recommend this simple solution.