Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Personalize Business Mediums

In all of us, there resides a desire to express our individuality. It can be seen in various cultures throughout the span of time. Please do everyone a favor and suppress this desire when immersed in the world of business.

There is nothing worst than opening a message from someone who has taken the liberty to customize their email template with a neon pink background, obnoxious fonts, and/or irrelevant slogans. After reviewing a business proposal, I don't want to see a signature block telling me to "Have fun in the sun all day long!"

I understand we are all entitled to our own creativity, and if need be, free to customize our personal email accounts at will. For the sake of your credibility and character, please try to keep any business emails professional.

Cell Phones
This also applies for the answering machine message on your cell phone. I don't recommend blaring Snoop Dog in the background while you say "Yo! I ain't here, so leave a message. Peace out!" Especially when your submitting job applications or want anyone to actually take you seriously.

Keep your cell phone on vibrate at work, so it doesn't come to life in a business meeting and start rocking out to AC/DC as you fumble around trying to turn it off. Also don't act embarrassed if it rings in public, everyone knows that you are the genius who decided to download that particular ring tone.

We spend a lot of time in our cubicles. I agree it's fun to spruce them up with pictures, custom calendars, and knick-nacks. But, please don't make your cubicle look like your kids art studio, or you living room. If every square inch of your desk and shelf space are cluttered with your Beanie Baby collection or exotic plants, it makes me wonder where you actually conduct work, or even "if" you do any work at all.

My vision of Live for Improvement is to help people obtain a better quality of life, and not to complain about their behaviors. But, I also think by considering these points you may inadvertently improve the lives of those around you. Just a thought.

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