Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring Donuts to Work

Nothing makes everyone's day like randomly bringing a box donuts to work. This simple gesture will drastically increase the office morale, and might even keep you out of hot water. Everyone likes donuts and they are cheap, but be careful walking to work carrying that pink box, you don't want to get mugged by breakfast deficient onlookers.

Be the office hero today and treat you co-workers to a box of donuts, you won't be sorry.


Elise P said...

nice thought, but I feel like crap when I start the day with a donut and people bringing them in don't make my day. How about making someone a cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast?

Dan Malone said...

Elise - You bring up a valid point. Donuts are probably not the healthiest option, and a basket of nutrigrain bars could be easily substituted. I just saw the box of donuts at the store and they looked good, so I brought them in to work.

-Dan Malone-

Anonymous said...

forget what elise said - bring the donuts!