Friday, November 13, 2009

Commercial Staging Areas

This weekend, I'll be trying a new decluttering/money making technique called "Staging Areas." Sounds cool right! It involves marking three 4' x 4' squares on the floor of the garage with blue painters tape. These squares designate items to be Sold, Donated, or Thrown Away. Next, I'll search the house for items to fit each staging area.

Items that are no longer wanted, but may be of value to sombody else, can be sold by:
  • Ebay -Small niche items easily shipped
  • Craigslist -Large bulky items difficult to ship
  • Garage Sale -Big ticket items that can be sold quickly
Anything that can't be sold should be put in the Donate area. Consider going through your closet and boxing up anything that you can no longer wear, or that you haven't worn in the last year. When you have enough for a trip to the goodwill, just back up you car to the staging area, and load up. Remember to get a reciept for the tax write off.

Throw Away/Recycle
Anything that the can't be donated should be place in the Throw Away/Recycle area. This are should be disposed of weekly with you garbage or with frequent trips to the dump. There is absolutely no reason to hang on to trash. Recycle if possible some places my even pay you for items such as scrap metal.

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