Friday, November 20, 2009

10 things that you didn't know Google could do!

Everyone knows Google! Even the verb to "google" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on June 15, 2006. It's the standard for searching information on the internet. But few people are aware of how powerful it really is. Here is a list of tricks that you probably didn't know google can do in addtion to regular website searches, shopping and Gmail.
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1.) Calculations- google can perform basic math functions.

2.) Conversions-Most units of measure can be converted.

3.) Spellcheck- Just type a word in google, and it will present you with the right spelling.

4.) Correct addresses - If you type a partial address in Google it can correct it for you.

5.) Translate- google has the ability to translate phrases and documents in maost major languages.

6.) Flight Status- You can check a flight Status right from google.

7.) Stock Quotes- You can Type Ticker Symbols Directly into google.

8.) Population- Google can identify populations of Citys, States, Country's, ect.

9.) Bus Routes- Google can provide public transportation info.

10.) Free 411- google has its own free directory service like 411.

And if thats not enough, they also Store Medical Records, create and share online docs, Host Blogging, provide voice over IP chat, a virtual library, and even more.

Now we just need it to make me us toast in the morning. How do you use google?

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