Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Budgeteer

I never really understood budgeting until recently, but now "Budgeting" is my new hero. It allows me to easily set aside money for large expenses, and prevents me from running out of cash before each payday.

With tools like my Ginzu Paycheck Slicer, I can confidently spend money without worrying about over drawing my account. It's so simple, that I don't know how I ever lived without it.

"Budgeting Guarantees that you only spend what you have, and nothing more."

How to become a Budgeteer
Making a Budget is simple, all you have to do is plan how to spend you money before you spend it. Some people use envelopes, others may manage an elaborate spreadsheet. Below is the method that works for me:

On each payday I simply transfer my cost of living from each paycheck into a bill pay account where my reoccurring monthly expenses are automatically deducted. Anything left over is put into the Ginzu Paycheck Slicer, where it can be divided up to accommodate all my irregular expenses and spending. I can list any upcoming expenses, and then distribute the money that I have accordingly. I also include a line item for personal spending money, and a line item for miscellaneous or unforeseen expenses to act as a just-in-case buffer. After a few minutes of working with my Ginzu Paycheck Slicer my Budget is complete. I know where all of my money is going, and that everything has been accounted for, without spending a single penny.

Are you a "Budgeteer?" Comment on methods that work for you.

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