Friday, November 6, 2009

How to turn $100 into a Partime Job

After reading "Best Ways To Invest Small Amounts of Money" on The Digerati Life, I started thinking about what to do with $100.00, and how to earn the best return on such a small investment.

"A lot of us don’t have much money to spare. Sometimes you may find yourself with an extra $100; maybe someone finally paid you back for a long-forgotten debt (it’s happened to me!) or your mom sent you over a cash gift for your birthday. Or chances are, it’s just an extra $100 rattling around in your bank account that could find better use somewhere else." -By Silicon Valley Blogger-

$100 is a perfect number. It is enough money to be substantial, but not enough to be out of reach for most people. If have ever come across $100 dollars and asked yourself what to do with it, than here is my list of how to turn $100 into income."

  • Valet Car Wash- Get yourself some cheap business cards, and print some fliers offering to wash peoples cars while they are at work. Provide a copy of your license and proof that you are insured to drive their car. Take it to a public hand wash or a "touchless" car wash. Then return with a nice shiny car to collect payment.

  • Buy a vending Machine- A simple gumball machine can be purchased used or new for around $100. Convince a local mom and pop restaurant or convenience store to keep it by their front counter for a percentage of the profits.

  • Walk/Feed Dogs- Make some fliers, get yourself a leash, poop bags, and dog treats. You could walk/feed dogs for people on vacation or at work.

  • Become a Barber - In college, I knew a guy who bought some clippers, scissors and supplies for cutting hair. All of us starving college students lined up around the block to get a cheap buzz cut.

  • Start Blogging- Build yourself a blog using Blogger, and start using adsense. If it becomes popular, buy a domain name and/or web hosting.

  • Be a Handyman -If you have basic tools laying around the house and are handy, consider doing simple handyman repairs. Post signs on telephone poles in retirement communities.

  • Dance/fitness/martial arts instructor - If you are athletic try holding classes in a public park and advertise.

  • English tutor- If you are fortunate enough to speak another language, consider teaching English to non native speakers, at public meeting areas or your local Starbucks.

  • Computer Tech Support- Setting up a Pay per minute phone is easy and only costs a few dollars a month. Just Google it and you'll find tons of companies willing to get you started.

  • Window Washer- Get some industrial sized bottles of Windex and a squeegee and print some fliers.

  • Knife Sharpener- Purchase a electric sharpener and a inverter for the car, or a nice hand sharpener. Show up at restaurants at off peak hours, and offer to sharpen their cutlery.

  • Furniture Mover- This works better if you have a friend, but many people appreciate a helping hand when moving, especially if you have a truck.

  • Ride to the Airport- If you are a punctual person with a car, consider picking up people from their house and driving them to the airport. All you need is a cell phone, email address, and advertising.

  • House Cleaning- Load your vacuum in the car, and by some cleaning supplies. With a little word of mouth advertising you could make some extra cash on a regular basis.

Some times the best ideas are the simplest, with just a little creativite advertizing and you could have a secondary income for under $100.

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