Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pay Paper Bills Upon Receipt

We all have bills that are can't be automated. My local water company for example, doesn't have the technology to deduct money from my "Bills" bank Account, and the amount varies each month, so I can't use my banks reoccurring bill pay to issue a check.

The easiest way to pay these bills is upon receipt. If I'm thumbing through the mail and come across these type of bills, I whip out my check book right then and there. I slap a stamp on the envelope, and put it by the door for mailing. If I set it down on the counter, odds are that I'll forget to pay it. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a late fee on a bill that you had the money to pay for.

So try making it a rule to pay these un-automated bills upon receipt, you'll never be late again.


Fantasia Lillith said...

That is good advice. And I agree it's terrible to pay a late fee - it's like a parking ticket in the realm of "grrrrr land".

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