Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Extreme Credit Card Challenge

Get ready for my new Extreme Credit Card Challenge. It's the Nicorette for bad Credit Card spending habits, and if you are tired of unwanted credit card debt, than listen up.

Credit card debt is not a way of life! Don't become complacent with having it. Credit Card debt is a horrible addiction just like drinking or smoking. The only way to get rid of it is to stop spending, and start paying. Unfortunately most people just don't have the will power. There is another term for these people called addicts.

To combat the lack of will power I challenge you to a month without your credit card. See how many consecutive days you can leave your credit card at home. Many Alcoholics can easily go a day or two without a drink, but to abstain for a week or a month takes dedication. It is the same with your credit card. Are you such a junkie that you are actually depend on a credit card fix? Would your life really change if you were to only use a debit card or cash?

Starting tomorrow, take all credit cards out of your wallet and purposely leave them at home to test your addiction. Can you to survive a day without it? how about a week, or a month?

But what if there is an emergency?
Now you're talking! This is why starting and emergency fund is so important. Using a credit card in an emergency is the worst idea ever. Why would you want to pay interest on an already bad situation?

Comment on your progress, and how many days you've been credit card sober.


E. Roberts said...

having a credit card means a big responsibility to anyone.

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Fantasia Lillith said...

Not an issue. I have a Visa card - it's for travelling. Unless I am overseas - it sits at home, with my passport.