Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Celebrate Victories Until You Cross the Finish Line

It's easy to fall short of your dreams, if you don't follow through in your efforts. Whether you're a politician leading the polls, a boxer winning a fight, or a Nascar driver with one lap to go, something can always go wrong at the last second. It's Murphy's law to have a catastrophic failure just before the smell of victory. The phrase "it's not over, until it's over" is applicable in all aspects of life.

Focusing beyond goals, will usually ensure success. In football, it's much better to run a touch down into the locker room like Forrest Gump, than to get tackled on the 1 yard line doing your victory dance. Never assume the win until you've actually won.

In Hollywood movies, villains are unable to grasp this concept. With the hero captured, and the planet doomed, the villain decides to go off and relish in his own dastardly deeds. This often allows the hero time to escape and save the day. If only the villain would see his evil plans to the bitter end, he would be much more successful.

When buying or selling a house don't break out the champagne until the paperwork is signed and the new owner has possession of the keys. All too often, couples get there heart broken because a technicality prevents them from buying their dream home. It can be equally devastating to have a buyer back out last minute. Only, once the sale is final should you start dancing in the street.

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Andy @ Retire at 40 said...

Yeah, I suspect you're right. Buying and selling houses is fraught with perils all along the way. Once that final paperwork is signed though, throw a party! :)