Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Limp Hand Shakes

Whether it's a simple introduction, or sealing a multi-billion dollar deal, shaking hands is a customary form of acknowledgement here in the United States. We've all experienced shaking someone's hand that feels more like a rubber glove filled with spaghetti than a part of their skeletal structure. It's very uncomfortable, and can be construed as a sign of weakness.

Make an effort to look people in the eyes, and shake their hand firmly. People will inadvertently consider you more sincere and speak higher of you character. On the other hand, If your body type is the kind that makes approaching people cross the street, then be careful not to cause injury with your gorilla like grip strength.

If you are someone who gets clammy hands, try running your wrists under cold water before meetings, as mentioned in Nailing a Job Interviews. This will constrict the blood flow in your an keep your hands from sweating.

The act of shaking hands may seem trivial, but not being able to shake hands properly is just poor manners.

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