Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look More Productive By Walking Fast

Simple mannerisms can greatly affect how people perceive you, and can even change the outcome of events. As mentioned in the first step of my article How to Own the Night, it's important to be assertive and have confidence in yourself. This is especially important in the workplace when you want to get ahead. If your boss constantly sees you on your cell phone making personal calls or always on break, he may wonder how much work you are actually getting done. If you appear to be more productive and always doing stuff, you might be considered among others for a promotion.

One of the best ways to look productive is to walk around the office at a faster pace. I am not suggesting doing laps all day long in a jogging suit. Just walk with a purpose. If you retrieve documents from the central printer, don't casually saunter over hoping that someone will stop and chat with you. Walk as if you have things to do, and time is critical. People will notice, and you will gain an underlying form of respect from your peers.


Amethyst said...

I thought that your comments are very good, and very funny at the same time. My Sister heard me giggle & so I showed her, she said it`s sad if people need to be told how to shake hands. I like your blog, informative n funny.

Dan said...

I glad you like the blog, and I agree its pretty bad if people need to be told how to shake hands.
Thanks for commenting.

-Dan Malone-