Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beer-ster Egg Hunting

A Beer-ster Egg Hunt is a fun way for those of us who don't yet have kids to celebrate Easter.

Start by inviting a group of friends over at your house. Before the party go around and hide bottles of beer or mini-bar size bottles of liquor. When the guests arrive, let it be known that they must find their beverages of choice. Everyone will scramble to find what they can and after the hunt is over everyone can trade bottles for their favorites. It is important to also have backup drinks on hand for guests to consume while searching. The more creative you are the better. If you feel like handing out baskets, and bunny ears, that's even better still. This year, my wife and I will attempt to fit the mini-bar liquor bottles inside of balloons and inflate them to resemble colored eggs. Have fun this holiday, be safe, and happy hunting.

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