Monday, April 13, 2009

Automate Your Minimum Credit Card Payment

Forgetting to pay the minimum amount due on your credit card by its due date can generate all kinds of problems. Some of the problems that can occur are late fees, poor credit, limit reductions, and it can even cause you to forfeit the current 0% introductory rate or special terms.

If you lack the discipline to consistently pay your credit card bill on time, you might want to automated your finances, as described in Never Worry About Paying Bills Again. By simply logging onto the website of most credit card companies, you can enroll in a reoccurring direct payment plan. Set up the payment so each month the minimum amount is paid automatically from your checking account. If you forget, hopefully your checking account can absorb the minimum payment. If some months you want to pay more than the minimum amount, just make that payment. When the billing period cycles, the minimum amount due will be $0.00, and you will not be billed twice.

Now you will never default on your credit card payments.

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