Friday, June 12, 2009

No More Analog TV

Remarkably, the average American watches about 7 hours of TV a day. That might prove difficult for some, considering that analog TV will be shut off permanently today! Hopefully you already got your digital box, or an adapter.

What does this mean for me?
Most people have at least one TV with digital cable in there home, which will not be affected by this conversion. Any additional TV's without a cable box, like the one in your bedroom, will no longer receive signals without a digital box or Adapter. Comcast, the major service provider here in Seattle, sent me an adapter for free after I gave them a call. I believe they give up to 2 adapters per house hold is free, and charge for 3 or more.

Despite the hassle of converting, All digital TV is actually a good thing. It will give viewers a clearer picture, and even allowed the government to make some much needed extra cash. According to, The federal government raked in $20 billion in auctions by selling licenses for the frequencies vacated by local television stations for other commercial uses.

Like all superseded technologies, the old ways will become a thing of the past. Future generations will never fiddle with positioning Rabbit Ear antennas. They will never use tin foil and coat hangers to increase a weak signal. They won't understand the concept of "snow," in regards to bad reception, just as many of us today are unfamiliar with terms UHF and VHF.

So long analog R.I.P!

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