Monday, June 22, 2009

DIY: Free Paint Color Chart

Some of my friends showed me a neat trick the other day. While painting and decorating their recently purchased home, they had the ingenuity to make their own color chart for free.

Anyone who has ever painted, knows the intricacy of picking paint colors, and has probably made countless trips to Home Depot or Sherwin Williams with handfuls of paint samples trying to match that perfect shade of sea foam green.

Since none of the nearby stores would simply sell or provide a color chart, they discreetly picked up one free sample from each of the shades covering the entire color spectrum. Back at home the samples were hole punched and bound together with a steal ring making their very own reusable color flip book chart for any future projects.

As a garage tool junky myself, this is a must have for my own home. After I get my samples, I plan on clamping the samples between to thin pieces of wood and trying to drill all the holes at once, instead of hole punching them individually, like they did. So if you are planning to do a bunch of painting, consider making your own free color chart. Even if it only saves you one trip to the hardware store, it's worth it.

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