Monday, October 27, 2008

Odd Jobs Can Pay Big

In today's economy, it is important to tighten the old frugal belt, and look for other forms of income. There are many ways to make a little extra cash on the weekends, it just takes a some ingenuity. The key to side businesses is to keep it simple. Let me say that again "Keep it simple." If you enjoy jogging, become a dog walker. If you get along well with kids, try babysitting. If you are into yoga, try teaching a class at the local park. If you are fond of cooking, try catering a small party. If you are an artist, try selling some pieces. Basically take whatever you like to do on the weekends, and see if you can make a buck doing it. Remember, you have a regular job, so don't over do it by burning yourself out.

As for myself, I enjoy wood working and home improvement. I live in a new housing development. When we first moved in, a few months back, I installed my own window blinds, and saved a lot of money with minimal effort. Now, every time someone new moves in, I pass out flyers offering to install their window blinds for a nominal fee.

Any money earned in a side job is a bonus, and equally money earned, is not money spent.

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