Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Bad Mouthing Your Employer

If you're stressed out, and having a bad day at work, don't vent your frustration with co-workers. It not only makes you look bad, but it makes your employer look bad as well. Bad mouthing only adds to an already stressful situation. It defames your character and does not speak very highly of your integrity. Bad mouthing your boss doesn't accomplish anything, and could even get you fired. This doesn't mean that you have to shoulder all the burdens at work. There is a big difference between complaining about your boss, and proposing solutions.

Complaining About Your Boss
It's easy to say "This is a poor way to run a business," or " We wouldn't have these problems if I was in charge." In reality, you are not in charge, and without proposing any solution, you are just complaining. Anytime you feel the need to lower your voice, you are probably bad mouthing. Finding faults in other people's actions is a spineless act, and should left up to gossipers and villains.

Proposing solutions
If you know how to make the business run more efficiently, by all means speak up. Suggest your improvement to the boss and your co-workers. If everyone is in agreement, you could be the hero of the company. A problem solver will advance within a company, while a bad mouther will fester in their own misery.

Avoid getting caught up in office politics, and stop bad mouthing your employer.

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Walter said...

Most of the time, it gives us relief if we vent our discontent with our employer. But you are right, it doesn't improve the situation. It is much beneficial if we put on the initiative to make a contribution to help our employers with their task. :-)