Monday, February 15, 2010

Sell Your Old Books for Cash

Today I tripped over a big heavy box in the garage. I vaguely remember crating it around with me from house to house in college, but never once opened it to see the contents. When finally got around to opening it this morning, I found a ton of old books.

My first reaction was to take them to the Goodwill or a used book store, but while Googling the nearest used book store I found:

Cash4 books buys used books. This easy to use site lets you type in the ISBN # located on ever book bar code for an instant quote. I only got a few dollars per book, but shipping is free with the sites printable shipping labels. After they get your books you will receive a check or Paypal deposit.

So if you have a ton of old books weighing you down, and cluttering up your house, check Cash4books before you donate them to Goodwill, you could stand make some easy money.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Be sure to compare prices. I would suggest comparing prices with

Booker Quoter said...

That's a good move. Selling used books means a lot. It will help!

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