Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Forget Saving and Start Paying

Everywhere you turn, people are recommending ways to save money shopping, but unless you actually use that money to pay off credit card debt, or contribute it towards an emergency found you aren't making progress. We all have a habit of living paycheck to paycheck, and when additional expenses like car repairs come-up, we grit our teeth and find a way to over come it.

Its time to start creating our own additional expenses, and forcing our lifestyles to compensate. Working backwards is a sure fire way to guarantee success. After all, you can't spend what you don't have.

Here how:
Start automating your credit card payments to an uncomfortable amount. If you regularly pay $300 dollars each month, crank it up to $500. You will definitely feel a lifestyle shock, but it might be the wake up call you need. Do you contribute $100 dollars per month to a saving account only when you remember to do so. Set up an automated monthly transfer of $300.00. The money will get zapped from your account whether you like it or not. Your lifestyle will change out of survival instead of at will. It's time to get serious with your finances. Implement the "30 day Zero rule." Lets get rid of debt once an for all, instead of just chipping away at it in your spare time.

Now is a perfect time to ramp up the amount you pay towards debt or an emergency fund. You can start 2010 with a bang, and directly see all you hard work in each larger payment.

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