Monday, December 14, 2009

Extra Alaska Air Miles at Safeway

We live a block away from a Safeway, and do most of our grocery shopping there. It turns out that in Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montanna, Safeway will contribute 125 Alaskan frequent flyer miles for every $250 dollars spent. My wife and I do have an Alaskan Credit card, that we could also use for additional frequent flyer miles, but our Chase Debit Rewards provides a better cash back reward. Since groceries is one of our biggest expenses, we can rack up points pretty quick.

During a single transaction at Safeway, our Credit Card-Fu is to use a Chase debit Rewards card, Safeway Club Card, the Safeway Alaskan Frequent Flyer Miles, and the Safeway gas discount.

For every $100.00 spent we get:
400 pts, 20% off on applicable items, 50 miles, and 3 cents off gas.

What are some of your Credit Card-Fu moves?

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