Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Wait to Get Your Halloween Costume

The clock is ticking, with only 10 days left to find a Halloween costume. You're probably planning to pick up something last minute at the Halloween Store ...... And then it hits you. Do you remember what the Halloween store is like the night before Halloween? It can only be described as pure and utter Chaos. Screaming unsupervised children run rampant as parents viciously wrestle over the last incomplete Spiderman costume. Emo high school kids are hanging around in numbers hoping to pocket the last pieces for their costumes. The Cashier, who is not even old enough to drive, is scrambling to fix the malfunctioning registers. The checkout lines snake across the sales floor with bleak hopes of ever getting to the counter. And the lucky people that make it out alive, with costumes, will soon find that they were swindled out of a small fortune. Their cheaply made costume will start to rip and unravel before the Halloween party begins.

This is why I always recommend the thrift store. Its in expensive, the textiles are usually better in quality, and you're only limited to your imagination. But you better get there quick, because the good stuff goes fast.

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