Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re-Check Your Receipts for Discounts

Running errands with my wife, we randomly stopped at Old Navy to both find some amazing deals on the clearance rack. I got a bunch of $5 T-shirts, and a few pairs of nice Khaki pants for around $7 a each. It helps that I am 6'3 and 210 lbs; I can take advantage of all the XL sizes that nobody else wants.

Walking out of the store, my wife mentioned that her bill seemed higher than estimated. We stopped and re-checked the receipt and sure enough the clerk missed about $19.00 in discount savings. We went back inside and the store promptly fixed the error.

We went to another store and made a few more purchases. An item rang-up at full price even though it was on sale, but the luckily clerk caught it.

Both transactions happened less than 20 minutes apart, which to me is statistically significant. I wonder how many other items I mistakenly paid full price for because I didn't think to re-check my receipt.

So if you are buying a lot of clearance stuff, or something just doesn't seem right make a point to stop and re-check your receipt.

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