Friday, September 11, 2009

Learn When Not to Speak

Dealing with your own bad habits, can twinge nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard......Let's face it, nobody likes to admit their faults. For me, I am just now learning the art of keeping my mouth shut.

I have bad habits of unintentionally speaking in a round about manner, and occasionally voicing unwanted opinions. In the past, I always felt confident speaking up in business meetings, and I could effectively convey ideas. I attribute many of my accomplishments in business to this assertive attitude. Unfortunately there is a time and place for everything.

The first time I had this epiphany, I was in one of those classic long table Big-Wig conference room meetings. As usual, I was expressing my thoughts on the discussion topic. After I finnished, one of the big bosses thanked me for my valuable input, and in front of the entire group, commented on how I talk a lot. Slightly embarrassed I made an effort to monitor my future interjections.

Not saying anything can:
  • Be a powerful tool when negotiating sales
  • Be a way of diffusing altercation
  • Provide valuable time to think before you speak
  • Camouflage uncertainty
  • Insinuate stoicism and strength
  • Add emphasis on words spoken
  • Curb excessive generosity
  • Avoid incrimination
  • Make room to listen

So make an effort to speak concisely, because "silence can be more powerful than words," or so the expression goes.

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