Friday, July 24, 2009

What is $5 worth to you?

$5 dollars can buy many things these days, but it's interesting to see exactly how far it will stretch in certain situations. Here is my personal opinion on what is worth five dollars, and what is not.

Worth $5
  • A Car Wash - If an old car already has scratches in it, I would rather spend $5 to drive it through a Machine Car Wash, than wash it myself.
  • Wine Tasting - Some wineries charge $5, others don't. Who cares! You are having a good time and drinking wine.
  • A Flashlight - When you are fumbling around in the dark, what is $5.00
  • Parking - If there is no where to park after the first few passes, I would rather pay for $5 for parking than circle the block for 30 minutes waiting for a space.
  • Maps - If you get lost like I do, $5 is a small price to pay to reach your destination.
  • Foot Long sandwich - OK, So I've been brain washed by the Subway commercials.

Not Worth $5

  • Snacks at Movies Theaters - After paying $10 per ticket, I rarely spend $5 for snack at the movies.
  • Extended Warranties - I won't spend an extra $5, for an extended warranty on small electronics like an alarm clock.
  • Valet Parking - When choosing between tipping the Valet guy, and self parking; I would much rather park my own car and save the money.
  • On Demand - Don't spend $5 dollars to watch the cable companies suggested movies, when you can subscribe to Net Flix or Block Busters unlimited monthly rental program.
  • Magazines - Since most magazines publish their articles online anyway, it is difficult for me to buy a printed magazine.
  • Ring tones - I keep my phone on vibrate, and don't feel the need to bother others with annoying jingles.
  • Lottery Tickets - You are 20 times more likely of getting struck by lightning, So don't get your hopes up.

Please comment on what $5 is worth to you!

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