Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Truly Free Credit Score Anytime with Credit Karma

Recently, I learned about a new site called creditkarma.com. It's a quick and easy way to continually monitor your averaged credit score for free. It summarizes your credit report, shows how you compare to others, how to improve your credit, and even has a simulator to see how your score will change in certain situations. Credit Karma is a reputable site that requires you to register, and yes it asks for you ssn. This does not concern me since they boast many security certificates, and we learned recently that your 9 digit SSN can be deciphered with public information anyway.

After a free account is established with creditkarma.com, you can log in anytime to see your current credit score. You can check it every day if you want. In the FAQs, credit karma states that the inquiries are on your behalf, and will not be shown to creditors or affect your credit.

So check out Credit Karma, I was very impressed and highly recommend it. It is a great tool to see where you stand before buying a house, car, or applying for a loan.

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